Young gelding came to be started under saddle.He knew how to lead, that was it. The first two weeks he learned how to tie, pick up his feet, be trimmed ,load in a trailer, and got desensitized. The next 3 months, he was started under saddle, and rode lots of miles. By the end he was trail safe, road safe, loved to swim in the lake, and could shoot a 45 off his back. 


Spotted Morracan


3 years old

Mare came for a tune up. She tried to bite or kick while getting on, bucked while loping, and didn't know how to walk straight while riding, always went in a zig-zag line. After I worked with her she was respectful, walked straight, and didn't have her bad habits anymore. Also rode through town parade while she was in training. 





This mare came in for a 30 day tuneup. She was extremely pushy, didn't respect peoples space, hard to load, and bucked at a lope.
After i worked with her she was respectful, eager to please,loaded,  and could gallop down the dirt rode without any hesitation.





a few of the horses I've worked with: 

​​Training horses are placed in a smaller lot alone, or with up to two other training horses with hay and pasture turnout. All horses have 24/7 access to run in shelters, and mineral blocks. 
Grain is fed if needed. The horse owner supplies any supplements that their horse gets, or if they'd rather supply their own grain. Owner can supply hay if desired. Their hay is stored separate from mine, and ONLY fed to their horse(s).
Owner is kept updated with pictures and videos, and are able to stop in to watch/ work with the trainer and their horse.

Horses are worked 5-7 days a week, at a pace that suits their physical and mental ability. 

References are available at request. 


HBR Horse Training

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start under saddle
fix behavior problems
put miles on under saddle
tune up
trail miles

trail riding trips

introduce to mounted shooting
obstacle coarse work
western riding lessons 

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